25 June 2006

crystal meth is rapides champaign powder

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yellow snow peril
in todays town talk we have this story (see link) of this guy chris tyler. mr tyler owns a temporary staffing company here at alexandria called Protemp Staffing Solutions. the story opens noting that crystal meth abuse cuts across all social boundaries. the writer tom burnett put it this way: "It's a problem that crosses lines of age, race and social status." mr tyler is complaining because 60% of his applicants - (remember these are people all across the spectrum of central louisiana residents) fail the pre-employment screening due to crystal meth urinalysis presence. so what to do?

well we could arrest them all. what must be 100s if not thousands of our friends, family and neighbors. merely jailing them wont be as easy as it seems either. did you know that recently msnbc has been running a dateline or nbc news produced report showing how policemen outwest who have been working taking down crystal meth labs have been mysteriously developing cancers. many have already died. young. so thats terrible too and so soon they wont be able to find anyone to raid the labs.

or, we could stop having these preemployment drug screens, give people a job and encourage them to stop using.
or, mr tyler could face reality and do something or quit complaining.