13 June 2006

Are any public officials honest?

heres a readers write from this morning. an alexandria (La) daily town talk reader beth odom wrote in to break the alexandria housing authority scandal down pretty simply. the short answer to her is that all of us have to watch all politicians like a hawk. the only thing politicians understand is a glaring searchlight shining on them all the time and upon all that they do. like cockroachs thats the only thing that will keep them scattered.

Are any public officials honest?

I read an article about the Alexandria Housing Authority and its contract with VRJ Consulting LLC, owned by the wife of the city attorney, Kelvin Sanders. When questioned, Verentha Sanders referred the inquiries to her husband.

Delores Brewer, the Alexandria mayor's chief of staff, put in an unsuccessful bid for this same contract, and she wants to run for mayor.

I must have missed something along the way. I have been under the impression that public officials, whether elected or appointed, were not supposed to benefit from contracts awarded by said public officials or entities. Most large private companies do background checks on the people they hire. Why is this not done by the public sector?

I don't know of many people who can't live on $18,418 a month. Exactly what does VRJ Consulting do that is worth that much money? It can't be too much if it takes only two people to run it. And why doesn't the housing authority know to whom it is awarding contracts? Are all public entities run this poorly?

I really wanted to ask only one question: Is there no one honest in our city, state and/or federal governments? There is such a hue and cry at election time to get out the vote. Do you suppose that one of the reasons people don't vote is that they are tired of the lying, dishonesty and corruptness in all areas of public government? What happened to ethics, morals and principles? Why in the world do we teach our children not to lie, steal or cheat? All they have to do is become a public official, attorney or a spouse of one.

Beth Odom

Originally published June 13, 2006

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