16 June 2006

magnolia state peace officers meet in alexandria

funny that the magnolia state peace officers association is meeting in alexandria today. this would give the local citizens/press/bloggers a wonderful opportunity to ask mspoa president and alexandria city councilman charles f smith just what his intentions were back in april when he asked the heh heh heh la state ethics board for a ruling on whether or not magnolia state peace officers association could "receive funding" from gaeda. gaeda stands for the Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority. its a taxing authority that according to the heh heh heh ethics board was created by the alexandria city council. according to one commentator on cenla antics blog "gaeda was formed when they wanted to excise more tax money from the hotels. They basically duplicate the Conventions and Visitors Bureau...[...]How many "Economic Development" entities do we need in this town. It is just another way to extract $$ from the public and hire your favorite "Consulting" company."

so we have a fraternal organization headed by an alexandria city councilman and wanting to receive funding from taxpayers. does this mean that ye old gun and rod club can apply and receive funding from gaeda? how about the ku klux klan? why hasnt the local press been all over this story? could it be because the magnolia peace officers association is for black cops? by the way we have nothing against black cops or white ones either for that matter except of course when they are in our rear view mirror.

well if you would only watch kalb's video you would see that councilman smith says: (hes also some high up muckety-muck in the rapides parish sheriff's dept hence the magnolia connection although we havent been able to figure out exactly what it is he does at the sheriffs dept) "we do not want people to really think of us like victor jones as a black sheriff of natchitoches as coutee as a black chief we dont here in alexandria like james byrd as a black city marshall but one of the best marshalls one of the best sheriffs clearly one of the best chiefs you know recognize us like martin luther king you know not on the color of our skin but on the contents of our character."
fair enough. we would like to know what this character is up to.

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