09 June 2006

fire warren riley

warren riley says that the new orleans police wont take your gun during a time of emergency unless you cant prove that it belongs to you. what?? please dont insult our intelligence. someone show us the law that requires us to tote around a sales receipt for a gun or anything else (besides automobiles). what if your gun is a heirloom or family keepsake? saying that you cant carry your gun around during a time of emergency unless you can prove that its yours is the same as saying that you cant carry a gun around during an emergency. mayor nagin this is wrong and quite frankly makes new orleans look stupid but on the other hand if you new orleanians buy this and the ones that dont buy it take it laying down then yeah you are stupid. and its not just us that feel this way - a local cop blogger who styles himself "pawpaw" called for riley's termination at 03 june 2006. see chief riley should be fired