18 June 2006

sunday matinée - the robots rebellion

we dont always agree with david icke but he has some pretty interesting assertions regarding mind control and how our whole go with with the herd mentality works. he shows pretty convincingly how mankind is conditioned to think in certain ways and how its been pulled off for millennia by only a few elite's. that their power is structured in the form of a pyramid so that only the few at the top of the pyramid know how everything below it all works together. makes sense when you stop and consider why some things are always presented in a certain way.

"how we allow our world and our values and how we judge each other and how we judge others and what we feel guilty about or not guilty about to be decided not what we think is right but to be decided often by what people sometimes thousands of years ago believed to be right, because we dont a ask the question why which is the most liberating question thats possible to ask and b have the courage and confidence to stand up and say well i dont think we should be doing this...we are the mouse in the tube thinking we are free..." INFINITE LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH - EVERYTHING ELSE IS ILLUSION - david icke
video is from 10 november 1994 at liverpool, uk.

edited 3:37 pm cdt sunday 18 june 2006