30 June 2006

electronic voter fraud comes to rapides parish

saw this vid over on kalb.com about the new electronic voting machines recently introduced into rapides parish. we have been voting on the old style machine all of our life and we have to wonder just what was wrong with them? who decided to just up and introduce electronic voting machines into the parish? did the voters of rapides parish ask for these? no we didnt. the problem with electronic voting machines is that there is no paper trail. furthermore, they can be programmed so that if you vote for candidate a candidate b will receive the vote. now thanks to the state we will never be able to get rid the politicians who sprung this fraud on us in the first place.

oh and just try now to defeat any and all taxes they can think up. electronic voting machines can be hacked into and the results changed around to suit whoevers whim. this is a horrible turn of events in rapides parish. now there is very little point to vote as the results are already decided and theres nothing we can do about it. does anyone else see whats going on here? does anyone care? whats wrong with this country and this state?

for more information on the tyranny of electronic voting machines visit black box voting ballot tampering in the 21st century.