14 June 2006

kalb has more ethanol questions

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its a good thing commissioner odom gave this "long form" interview because by the 6pm live broadcast we could tell the buzz had worn off lol. commissioner odom starts with the same old worn out and predicitable political mantra because for the jobs!,jobs!,jobs!. when asked who is going to build the ethanol plants mr odom spends some considerable time playing up the shaw group ah ha so the truth finally comes out. despite the governor in her opening address at the start of the regular session playing up a possible rift between her and representative thompson's camp we see that was a cover for what they were really up to and that is to transfer the states MANDATED ethanol industry to blanco crony and fellow mantra utterer jim bernhard. whats so amazing is that all the time everyone keeps exposing all these people for what they are and yet nothing is ever done. in fact it gets worse as seen by the way they keep doing it out in the open and in your face.

kalb has posted todays video interview of ldaf commissioner bob odom.

kalb snip:
We asked for your questions and you responded with plenty of tough ones for Commissioner of Agriculture Bob Odom on the ethanol issue. The interview lasts about 15 minutes and covers most of the questions emailed by viewers. We have it posted here unedited.

besides talking about the ethanol mandate commissioner odom answered an email question to: say "he is 'probably' supporting James David Cain for state insurance commissioner and that Cain will win."
.mp3 audio here

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its always nice to see the "home team" get some play. if you have any questions for la dept of agriculture & forestry commissioner odom please either follow the link to kalb from the dead pelican or click here.
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