20 June 2006

rep alario stabs la taxpayers in the back

rep john a.alario (d) westwego

back on 16 march 2006 "representative" alario (and we use the term "representative" lightly as we arent sure just who or what it is he is representing) couldnt wait to prefile his hb644 to increase the homestead exemption. the session didnt even convene until the 27th march 2006. the bill was assigned to the house ways and means committee where it was promptly buried never to be heard from again.

this is tax relief sorely needed by louisiana's homeowners and we see how insidious "representitive" alario truly is. alario filed this bill as a carrot on a stick holding it out to the donkeys (us) who are tasked with pulling the cart (the state.) alario's plan must have been that if the session wasnt going his way he would have this bill to fall back on - to suddenly bring this bill out into the limelight to give himself the appearance of actually caring and doing something worthwhile and honorable. well we are hip to you "representative" alario. also we have to note that ten days before the session ended we telephoned "representative" alario's office there in westwego to plead with him to move this bill. we spoke with a clerk, who assured us that she would check with the "representative" to get his thoughts on his bill and get back to us - eleven days later we are still waiting for her phone call.
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