07 June 2006

pineville city court sex scandal

UPDATED: more phillip terrell / pineville city court fraud and corruption 2010:

**updated** 1:40 pm cdt thursday 15 june 2006
Pineville City Court clerk resigns

PINEVILLE - Les Prestridge, chief clerk of the Pineville City Court, resigned effective today.

City Judge Phillip Terrell said, "This morning Col. Prestridge sent a letter of resignation. As far as I am concerned, he no longer works here."

Prestridge had been under investigation of allegations of sexual harrassment of the women in his office for the past several weeks.

Originally published June 15, 2006

added 5:51 pm cdt friday 16 june 2006 see also the 14 june 2006 northside journal: prestridge fate still undecided
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very interesting story over in todays northside journal. according to them, judge phillip terrell finished his "investigation" of his pville city court clerk les prestridge back at 23 april 2006 its now forty-five days later and still no action. judge terrell must not know what to do lol and is trying to let it blow over. we dont think thats gonna work though because the northside journal reports from, public records and sources within, pineville city court "female employees are reluctant to be left alone with prestridge." yeah we bet since statements the northside journal seen say "Prestridge “became drunk” and “began kissing them and..." we will let you read the rest of that over there.

what an act of megolomania on the part of prestridge's lawyer mike glass eh? who went too far when he:
contacted the offices of the Northside Journal yesterday afternoon and claimed that the investigation conducted by the City of Pineville was improper. Although Glass acknowledged that the information obtained by the Northside Journal was public information, he asserted that any disclosure of that public information would be actionable. When asked if his phone call was intended to be a threat of a lawsuit, Glass responded, "...not threatening, guaranteeing."
who is this guy to say that public record information cannot be published?
click the link to read the rest (1 pg.pdf file) from the northside journal. a printed version of the northside journal is available around pineville.
**updated** 9:34 am cdt friday 09 june 2006

babs zimmerman on kalb.com is reporting "Pineville City Clerk's Status To Be Decided Next Week" in this story kalb leaves out the part about who the law firm is that is doing the "investigation" however commentors over on cenla antics blog reveal that the law firm is the provosty law firm and the daughters name is leslie. the only leslie listed on the provosty law firm website is leslie pederson.

By: By Babs Zimmerman
KALB - NewsChannel 5 Online
Jun 8, 2006
Pineville City Court Judge Phillip Terrell says he will have a decision Tuesday on the future employment of his long-time clerk of court.

Les Prestridge has been on administrative leave with pay for several weeks in the wake of complaints that he made sexual advances toward women in the court house.

Terrell acknowledged he is being guided by a law firm for which Prestridge's daughter works.

But, the judge said she is not a partner in the firm and has not had any connection with the case.

When Newschannel Five first reported on this story a couple of weeks ago, Terrell said something definitely will be done about the complaints, but he has not specified what that might be.

There are legal and medical issues involved, he said at the time.