20 June 2006

jim brown on jeff crouere show.mp3

jim brown photo courtesy jimbrownla.com
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around 1:36 pm today jim brown appeared with jeff crouere on ringside politics.

jim said that hes up in memphis, tennessee today doing a book signing and everything is fine.
grades on session
brown lives in baton rouge "keeping a close ear" internally in terms of the budget that there were some things that needed to be done but it was a fairly "do nothing" legislature, more time and money spent on cock fighting than on the budget and the state poem get this - according to jim brown the guy had tried the same thing over in mississippi which was rejected by their legislature so he comes over here to louisiana and our legislature actually spent time and money debating it! brown says that despite all our problems especially the big picture items virtually nothing was done in those areas. "an awful lot of time spent and very little in return."
brown said that the session couldnt have hurt the governor that she and the president are just about as low (polling wise) as one can go.
brown on how the governor faired politically in the session
brown thinks the orleans consolidation was a good thing for the governor but no one outside of new orleans really understands or cares.
gov race
walter boasso would help her if he ran as an independant he thinks that as far as governor blanco's viability that the more the merrier, more candidates would only help her candidacy out.
brown predicts gov blanco will receive 35% in the first vote.
bobby jindal he predicts will get 35% under the worse case scenario and who will be the republicans candidate to rally around. and the other candidates will split the other 30%.
brown doesnt think that john breaux will give up his lobbying job to run for governor.
segment 2
sec of state and insurance races he held both offices.
jim donelon good candiate very knowledgable probably the most knowledgable.
james david cain: brown thinks hes ahead because hes raised a lot of money and been traveling has a fund raiser next week hosted by buddy roemer; "boysie" bollinger will be there - thinks the race "it will be a barn burner."
theres another candidate a woman from lafayette but he doesnt think that she can raise the money. the election is this coming 30 sept 2006
sec state race
brown says that hes heard that frances heitmeier is going to run and that he already has $700k in his campaign account and that its amazing to him that former gov mike foster and sec'y of state candidate mike francis healed their legendary rift. crouere said that he was amazed as well because he was in the middle of it.
bill jefferson
whats bill jefferson going to do?
brown doesnt think that jefferson will make it to the "post." brown says that as someone that has been investigated and prosecuted by the feds he doesnt think that rep jefferson will stand by and let his family be charged and that he will make the best deal that he can. brown thinks its just a matter of time before jefferson steps down.