21 June 2006

dump charlie melancon

monday we noticed that someone arrived at our 11 february 2006 post "1st documented sissyman sen craig romero" after googling "craig romero" which isnt unusual many people have arrived at that same page by googling sen romero.
what got our attention was a few minutes later we received an email from bradley at melanconforcongress.com:

From: bradley@melanconforcongress.com
To: wesawthat@gmail.com
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 17:46:38 -0400

DO you still run an active blog? If so, I would like to chat with you when possible


Bradley Beychok
firstly this email miffed us because had bradley bothered to look in our sidebar then he would have seen for himself that this is an active blog. secondly he could have simply clicked the home text link at the bottom of the post and viewed the most recent posts.

anyway this was our reply the next (tuesday) morning:
From: wesawthat@gmail.com
To: bradley@melanconforcongress.com
Subject: Re:
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 09:50:37 -0500
Organization: www.wesawthat.blogspot.com

thank you for your email. yes we still run an active blog - you must have missed our post from 07 march 2006 about the usa patriot act which melancon voted for. then you would have known that any conversation with us regarding melancon would be extremely short. we hope that melancon is defeated. he is a traitor to the constitution and the bill of rights.
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