01 February 2007

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lorraine day, m.d.

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Lorraine Day, M.D., an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best-selling author, was for fifteen years on the faculty of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.

dr. day spends some time explaining the true origin of the aids virus and she claims that "aids is a man made virus" it was created by the u.s. government in a lab at fort dietrich, maryland and that H.R.15090 was the house bill that authorized it all.
We are certain the HIV/AIDS virus is the 'synthetic biological agent' requested by the U.S. Pentagon from the United States Congress on June 9, 1969. See H.R. 15090, Part VI funding, pages 121, 129. - dr boyd e. graves

about pain
dr. day says that most pain (besides trauma) is brought on by the way people live and the way people eat. one of the biggest pain relievers is water drinking. when you dont drink water and you are stressed you will get back pain and other pains.
blood thinners
dr. smith says that it is a myth that taking a single aspirin a day will keep your blood flowing well. she says that the two main reasons for having thick blood is number 1. not drinking enough water because the fluid portion of the blood is 98% water. if you dont have enough water you cant make enough water to make the serum and your blood will get thick. number 2. eating animal products. animal products whether its meat, poultry or fish contains 40% fat and its marbled in the meat. so when you eat animal products you are eating way too much fat and that thickens your blood. the way to thin your blood is first of all exercise, drink lots of water ten glasses a day and stop eating animal products and your blood will get thin to the appropriate thinness and you wont have any worries about clots and high blood pressure and heart attacks.

juvenile onset diabetes
no human being needs milk after they are weaned and no human being needs any milk except mothers milk. no other animal drinks milk after its weaned. drinking milk whether raw or pasteurized is the number one cause of juvenile onset diabetes. there is a protein in the whey portion of the milk and when it comes in to the human body the human body recognizes that it is something foreign so it makes an antibody against it and the protein in the whey is almost identical to a protein thats in the pancreas that produces insulin. so when the antibodies are formed (due to the presence of the milk) the antibodies cant tell the difference between the proteins from milk (cows milk or goats milk) and the protein thats in the cell thats in a childs own pancreas so the antibodies turn on the pancreas and destroy it and thats the main cause of juvenile onset diabetes. the number one cause of amputation of feet and legs is diabetes. the number two cause of blindness is diabetes and you can avoid all that by not feeding your kids milk.

adult onset (type II ) diabetes
is from eating too much sugar and too much fat, particularly animal fat. all people have to do with adult diabetes is exercise, drink water, go on a vegan diet, stop eating sugar and they will reverse their diabetes within six months.

animal products take three days to go through our intestines because we have a long coiled intestine. human beings have the same intestinal tract as other animals that are vegetarians like the sheep and the horse. so when you are supposed to be a vegetarian (like human beings are supposed to be) and you eat meat it takes all this time to go through our intestines and it putrefies and when it putrefies we absorb all that putrefaction and we get constipated and constipation is one of the main sources of all cancers including colon cancers.

dr. day uses the cat family as an example of animals that are meant to eat meat. cats have a very short straight intestine so they get the meat out of their bodies quickly but they dont have endurance. cats can run fast for a very short time then they have to stop and rest. on the other hand the animals which are the beasts of burden such as the elephants, camels, donkeys, horses and so forth are all vegetarians and they have tremendous endurance and thats how human beings are supposed to be.

other subjects dr. day discusses are what stem cell research and partial birth abortion are really about. the cause of the 1918 flu pandemic, bird flu and lots more.