13 February 2007

mee-maw strikes back

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louisiana's governor kathleen blanco took a trip to washington, dc recently to meet with the new democratic leadership. governor blanco is a democrat. louisiana's republican junior senator david vitter who just happens to be a member of the subversive (read: communist) rhodes scholars took offense that governor blanco didnt inform him. according to the new orleans times-picayune he wrote to governor blanco in part that he was:
"genuinely disappointed that you did not request a single meeting with a single Republican member of our Louisiana congressional delegation, and that you did not invite any of us to any of your meetings or even give us notice of your visit."
now, senator vitter has already endorsed, fellow subversive (read: communist) rhodes scholar, piyush "bobby" jindal for governor. governor blanco, not to be outdone, fired back that "you [senator vitter] will be thrilled to learn that I secured a commitment to repeal insulting provisions such as the no-forgiveness limitations you authored to the Community Disaster Loan Program."

senator vitter, has shown himself to be a traitor to the constitution and the bill of rights, as evidenced by his support of constitutional abolishing and anti-christic legislation such as the usa patriot act, the military commissions act of 2006 and the john warner national defense authorization act for fiscal year 2007 -- just to name a few. additionally a few weeks ago, [28 january 2007 transcript here] senator vitter again proved his lackey status by appearing on the sunday morning, nbc 'meet the press' program to give support president bush's iraq troop surge plan. never mind that the iraq war is founded on lies, never mind that the iraq war is unconstitutional see united states constitution article 1 sec. 8 cl. 11 and illegal. after all, the constitution is "just a goddammed piece of paper" right?

so score one for governor blanco for standing up to these useful idiots.