20 February 2007

hot wells shameful fate

hot wells, hot springs pool, boyce, louisiana
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kalb-tv ace reporter and wst...fave, john-thomas kobos takes us out to boyce, louisiana to the site of the storied hot wells resort.

according to mr. kobos report: hot wells was "discovered by an oil worker in the early nineteen hundreds the healing properties of its waters were rumored to cure all problems." so a health resort was opened. it featured a "top of the line" hotel, a restaurant and a bathouse.

dr. john naponick said that the "natural hot salt water from the ground below [and] it has the exactly the same composition as the gulf of mexico."

so, sounds good so far right? well, unfortunately you wont be able to take a soak in the healing mineral waters at hot wells anytime soon because -- the point of mr. kobos report is to cover the
demolition of hot wells resort and spa.

now we dont know if there is anything to these so called "healing mineral waters" it could all be a myth for all we know. although, we have always credited the glenwood springs, colorado hot mineral springs pool for healing our little um acne problem but that could have just been a coincidence we dont know. we do know that there is a significant portion of people around the region that do believe in the healing properties of the mineral water at hot wells and in the past they flocked to hot wells.

louisiana is chock full of sick people, although it doesnt get much media play anymore perhaps you have heard of "cancer alley." louisiana is also full of mentally ill people and those we elect to the state legislature -- in the 2006 regular legislative session house bill no.2 (see also HB2 - 2006 Regular Session (Act 27) a/k/a/ the capital outlay budget contained an estimated state budget of $3.7 billion [2.8 billion eur]. it shows just how upside-down and backward this state is when you peruse it you will notice millions squandered on such things as the state reservoir scam. then on page 29 of hb2 the state allocates $550,000 [418,719eur] for hot wells "demolition and site cleanup."

hot wells is currently under the ownership of the state of louisiana, department of health and hospitals. according to their website:
"The mission of the Department of Health and Hospitals is to protect and promote health and to ensure access to medical, preventive, and rehabilitative services for all citizens of the State of Louisiana."
now will someone please explain to us how demolishing and making fallow hot wells is fulfilling that mission? because it appears to us to be a direct conflict with said mission. or, (more likely) is the dhh mission just some flowery words published to a website or printed on a piece of paper, put there for public consumption and because they look and sound nice while they actually are meaningless?

in a perfect world or even a world that made sense dhh would be the perfect institution to operate and manage hot wells. they would be working with the medical departments of our state colleges and universities unlocking the secrets of and developing techniques for hot mineral water therapies.

we're not big fans of government owning or operating or even funding (other than tax abatements and tax breaks etc) that which should be in the private sector. however, since the state already owns hot wells and has for years everyone in louisiana that is ill or has an ill family member or anyone thats interested in natural healing should be contacting their senator and representative demanding that the state redevelop and reopen hot wells.

isnt it a sin to be in possession of something that could benefit all humanity and not make it available?

click here for video -- length 1m56s

kalb snip:
If you're a nature lover looking for a natural cure from the Earth to heal ailments, years ago you would have traveled to Hot Wells resort in Boyce, LA. News Channel 5's John-Thomas Kobos traveled to the resort to see why demolition crews have done away with its natural healing powers.
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