05 February 2007

club retro llc et al v sheriff william earl hilton et al

**08 february 2007** updated with the complete complaint. click here to download the 32 page .doc file..
operation retro-fit
filed on friday 02 february 2007

we have to wonder just what the hell is wrong with our sheriff department, our district attorney and our ninth judicial district court judges -- oh yeah one part the town talk conveniently left out of their story about the club retro (operation retro-fit) raid that they splashed across the front page of the paper last year was that the sheriff department had ninth judical district court judge john c. davidson (paragraph 44 pg.18) tag along with their raid. now how many times do you hear of a sitting judge going along on a police raid?

then a couple of days later the sheriff's department learned that club retro had a surveillance camera system that had caught the whole raid on tape. so under the guise of a "search warrant [we wonder which judge signed off on this search warrant] for any electronically or digitally stored images intending to prove the ownership, transportation, sale or profits from illegal controlled substances or drug activities, etc.," (paragraph 48 pg.21) they go back to the club to seize the video tape -- which that right there should tell you that the raid was bogus and designed to intimidate. if it was a legitimate raid then why didnt the sheriff department go into the room where the video monitors are kept? why didnt anyone see the cameras? but much to what we're sure was the sheriff departments chagrin the tapes "had been taken to a safe place where they were safe from getting “lost.”

no one is suggesting that a true criminal should be given a pass but if the sheriff, district attorney and the rest of the courthouse crowd cant make a criminal case against one under the guidelines set forth under the united states constitution -- then guess what -- they are not a criminal. you do not have the right to use the power of your office to arrest someone and to destroy their business just because you dont like the way they look, the color of their skin, the kind of music they listen to or because they are competing with your pals business.

some may say this is just a couple of black guys with a bar so what? well a lot so what. if they would do this to them, whats to stop them from doing it to you or yours. after all, remember they did it to amanda gutweiler hypes and she is a white woman.

click the link to download the complaint in .doc file format. note: the last few pages of the complaint are missing we will have those soon. we are also seeking to acquire and post the surveillance camera footage.
"robert from alexandria" .mp3 here a 10 february 2006 caller to the moon griffon show about this raid.
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