12 February 2007

pineville mayor addresses public records lawsuit

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city of pineville, louisiana mayor clarence fields recently appeared on the ksyl am970, lynn & bob call in radio program. mayor fields took a call from someone who wanted the mayor to address the city of pineville v gregory aymond public records lawsuit currently meandering its way through the local court system. see judge swent waffles in pineville public records lawsuit.

now the call and caller could have been a put up deal. we dont know this. however, we have to remember words attributed to president franklin delano roosevelt that "in politics, nothing happens by accident. if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

something else that gives us pause to wonder if this wasnt a put up caller is the fact that mayor fields spends the vast majority of the time trying to brainwash the public by reciting the speculation that this is a personal vendetta by gregory aymond against pineville chief of staff rich dupree. and the water district 3 board yadda, yadda, yadda. and "it would be a tremendous work on our part...and a great cost to our citizens." mayor fields says that "the problem" is that "we have nothing to hide" then perhaps makes a freudian slip when he admits that "is there something there that he's [aymond] looking for? -- we dont know and thats what we have asked him to specify exactly what he wants" this is totally contrary to the intent and purpose of louisiana's public records law. as far as the great cost in assembling and downloading the around 9,700 emails in question, we've shown that to be a total fabrication because pineville admitted in court papers that they filed that they use the outlook express email system. its just a matter of dragging and dropping the emails into their respective folders.
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