27 February 2007

ron roberts responds to firing

former kqid disc jockey and program director ron roberts responds to his recent job termination controversy

I didn't write the article, so I certainly can't speak for how it was put together; I will say, though, that I never once thought - for even a second - that Mayor Roy had any part in this ugly matter.

I've been in contact with officials within city government, and have come to the conclusion that I'd felt was true all along - there are some crooked city councilmen who didn't want their Quein' on the Red cash-flow to come to an end so soon, and they had to silence any dissenters.

I've since learned that a rather threatening call was made the Wednesday before my termination to my supervisors, followed by the impromptu meeting with Ms. Harris the next day.

Mayoral staffers were told by Ms. Harris that she tried to convince Cenla Broadcasting NOT to terminate me. I believe she's lying. Why?

1. Why would they be discussing their hiring/firing practices with her?

2. If my statements weren't of any concern to her or those who call her shots, quietly, behind the scenes, why would I even be a topic of discussion between she and C. Soprano and T. Thompson, the two Cenla Broadcasting heads?

No, I'll instead choose to believe that she carried marching orders, not from the mayor, but from a handful of greedy city councilmen and GAEDA members.

Here's where the conspiracy theorist comes out in me...

FACT: Quein' on the Red paid $55,000 for the services of the Commodores (with only one original member) in 2006; most casino bookers would tell you they normally charge only $10-15,000 or so to perform.

QUESTION: Why did Quein' on the Red have to pay SO much more? And if the Commodores didn't get $35-40,000 more for this gig, then WHO DID?

FACT: THIS year, the Quein' on the Red folks were hell-bent to hire EARTH, WIND & FIRE and we were told, within our conference room walls at CB, that they were prepared to spend.... are you sitting down... $150,000 to get 'em.

QUESTION: If a similar genre act only costs $10-15-20,000 for a casino or any other festival to line them up, why is it that Alexandria taxpayers are being led to believe this same act costs SOOO much more, on their dime?

MY GUESS: Somebody local is reaping a tremendous benefit. Probably multiple people.
Ron Roberts | Tuesday 27 February 2007 - 11:44:23 | #
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