26 February 2007

hb 18 & rep alario up to his old tricks again

click link to read entire bill from legislature website
last year in a post we captioned hb644 increasing the homestead exemption we noted how state representative john alario had filed his bill to increase the homestead exemption. that bill as well as the current hb18 is a constitutional amendment, meaning, they will have to go before the voters to be approved. property tax relief in the form of an increase in the homestead exemption is tax relief sorely needed by ALL louisiana citizens.

last year representative alario didnt even bother to move his bill -- hb644. it was assigned to the house ways and means committee where it was promptly lost. in fact a check of the bills history shows that it never even came before the committee for a vote or a debate.

so why do the same old silly clowns introduce the same legislation year after year when they have no intention of moving it to begin with? its not because the legislature has a problem with submitting constitutional amendments. in the 30 september 2006 primary election there were 13 constitutional amendments on the ballot. on the 07 november general election there were another 8!

so once again the bill has been assigned to the ways and means committee. this year the chairman is central louisiana's own t. taylor townsend. other ways and means committee members also from central louisiana are representative israel "bo" curtis and chairman townsend's gold club buddy representative rick farrar.

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