24 February 2007

speedy gonzales & pals take over new yawk taco bell

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(CBS) NEW YORK Residents of Greenwich Village are still talking about the rat invasion of a local KFC/Taco Bell, and some are questioning if they will ever eat out again.

"When I saw the news about the rats, I was like freaking out," frequent customer Kim Pagnottan said. "I was like holy (bleep). I was like oh my god. It's disgusting!

"Now, it's like I don't want to even go out, I want to eat at my own house. I want to cook every day."

Pagnottan wasn't the only person grossed out by the day's doings. Added Eddie Rue, a now former customer: "I will never eat in there again. Definitely lost me as a customer."

And countless more are sure to bail now that the city's Health Department inspected the premises and shut it down until its violations are corrected.

One man in particular was doing his best at damage control. "Please, I hope that the public that saw that won't be turned (off), tempted not to patronize our restaurants because we have the finest and cleanest restaurants in the world," said Chuck Hunt of the New York State Restaurant Association.
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new orleans area not to be outdone...
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