23 February 2007

town talk reinforces mandatory texas gardasil hoax

in a posting (see link) captioned "Talk about town: Is the government your mama?" the town talk is asking for "your mailers" and "story chatters" to respond with their thoughts on various nanny state laws such as government mandated motorcycle helmets and seat belts. the sentence that reads "Texas has made the vaccine Gardasil, that protects against a sexually-transmitted disease that has been linked to cervical cancer, mandatory for girls age 12 and over." shows that the town talk is a partner in perpetrating what paul craig roberts explains is:

A media hoax has fooled parents in Texas and other areas of the country that the HPV vaccine, which experts have slammed as untested and has already been linked to dangerous side-effects, is now the law and young girls must take it.
Almost immediately following Perry's announcement, newspapers and TV stations began to report that it was "the law" that parents had to have their child vaccinated. This reflects a national and international hoax that is repeatedly being perpetrated
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also if anyone would bother to read governor rick perry's actual Executive Order RP65 - February 2, 2007, one would see that the only time the word "mandate" is used is under rules where governor perry directs The Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner adopt rules that mandate the age appropriate vaccination of all female children.
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