27 February 2007

hb44 rep richmonds sales tax holiday

we have to give representative cedric richmond (house district 101 map) some credit for introducing his bill calling for a state sales tax (4%) holiday beginning at 12:01 am sunday 05 august 2007 and ending a week later at 11:59 pm on saturday 11 august 2007.

our problem with this legislation is that its limited to just $2,500 [1,896eur.] it doesnt include "vehicles" and "the purchase of meals furnished for consumption on the premises where purchased, including to-go orders." so much for saving the sales tax on a whopper or a pizza and a beer.

all legislation like this is designed to do is to make the people feel beholding to the state government. like we should be thankful to them for giving us something. while in reality every penny of money in this state as well as everything else already belongs to the people. if representative richmond and the rest of the organized crime ring that calls itself the louisiana legislature wanted to do the right thing there would be no monetary limit. there wouldnt be exclusions or exemptions. if the legislature really wanted to do the right thing they would gladly give sales tax holidays not just once but several times a year. besides being the right thing to do it would also periodically; during historically slow times stimulate the economy. but our legislature doesnt think that way. to louisiana politicians its a us versus them mentality and how much the legislature can steal from the people.

click the link to read the bill from the legislature website