03 February 2007

rapides parish sheriff race blogs remain most popular

below is our outclicks summary for the past month and as you can tell the rapides parish sheriff race remains the most popular topic of interest amongst cenla's netizens.

apparently feedburner tabulates outclicks based on a hyperlinks anchor text because as you can see the tod-race sheriff race blog is counted twice: once for 363 outclicks and again for ninety-four outclicks. 457 outclicks total. so its possible that some of these received even more outclicks than what is listed here.
top ten outclicks in order:
sheriff race blog

sheriff race 2007

thoughts from rapides...

cenla antics

lamar white, jr. (cenlamar)

blogger to rapides parish sheriff race candidate: 'not so fast!'

rapides parish sheriff race candidates websites

cenla blogs

tanja askani bambi & thumper fotos

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  • note: none of these outclicks are our own outclicks. we never use our links to click over to another site -- we direct hit other sites by typing the url into the address bar or by going to that site by a bookmark - just for that reason.