05 February 2007

klax new news broadcast

mmmkay. first thing they need to do is turn down the color cos it looks like tammy faye bakker or kathleen harris collided with our tv screen. then come to find out via a story here or here that not only are the anchors not from around here they arent even in louisiana! they are in davenport, iowa at kljb. so all klax has is a camera man or two running around filming footage and its being produced and broadcast 715 miles [1151km] away by some fox affiliate. oh fox thats strike one well actually as far as we're concerned its actually all three strikes because anything rupert murdoch and news corporation has their fingers in (pardon our french...not really) is total bullshit.

one of those town talk stories mentions "news will be integrated with Independent News Network, a news outsourcing service..." so we meandered over to their website www.inn-news.net and were pretty shocked that for a corporate website its pretty amateurishly done and very ambiguous. ambiguous in that they dont really give any information corporate or otherwise. naturally, this piqued our curiosity so we had to go over to the iowa secretary of state / corporations division website and do some searching. we found out that the town talk wasnt exactly um, accurate...shock! [feign mock surprise!]...oh there was a company called independent news network, inc., up till 31 december 2003. on 24 november 2003 the shareholders voted to change inn's name and that effective on the 1st of january 2004 the new name would be regional news company. list of officers here.

it looks like what this company does is produce "local newscasts" so at 6:00 pm they pretend to be in alexandria doing our local news then at 6:30 they turn around and pretend to be oh say podunk, idaho's local news cast and on and on.

in klax's defense back in the 90's they did have a kick-ass news department made up of local reporters and anchors. the thing is, is that people around here were (are) brainwashed and wont watch anything else but kalb -- they feel like they are missing something if they dont. thats the same reason they read the town talk. so when the locals find out the people arent even physically here...well we give this venture about six months tops.