10 February 2007

roseanne on hillary and obama

we dont often agree with comedienne roseanne barr on many things but we can wholeheartedly agree with her in several recent posts to her blog roseanneworld.com:

obama is a phony that stands for absolutely nothing, like his fake rival, Hilary Clinton, neither of whom can win because they suck, and are only put up to make it look like america is a fair place, and to guarantee the victory of Mitt Romney. Get ready for Mormon Taliban, voiced by glenn beck CNN (a mormon)
I am going to support a green party, a third party, and for once vote for what I believe, not what I hate least...
No more phony right extremes masquerading as middle. Support change!

Communist Party
The Republican Party as well as the Democrat Party is in fact the Communist Party.

Wake Up snip:
The Romney crime family is very much like the Bush crime family, using their actor/cheerleader sons to rob the coffers of the american people and redistribute it to their other white jewish/christian friends.

They are privatizing public money. What that means, american women, who are too busy watching dr.fill talk about fake bullshit- feel good crap, so that they get primed by all the drug ads that sponsor those shows to get on happy pills and give up thought altogether. The Romney family is not just mormon, they are THE RULING CLASS OF THE CHURCH ITSELF...that is the goal behind the evangelicals (mormon created sub group)..
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