17 February 2007

video: washington parish president toye taylor


toye taylor - the reckless politician
length 10:00 minutes
here for video via youtube

we dont know if this guy is drunk, stoned, possessed by the devil or what. we do know this video is a case study of the typical louisiana politician. its not funny anymore.
Check out our new 10 minute Movie "Louisiana Eminent Domain Corruption" on YouTube.
The star of the movie is Toye Taylor, the Reckless Politician, Washington Parish Council President, who put his foot in his month, or he needed to.

Taylor and Sen. Ben Nevers are trying to create an Economic Development Commission with 7 appointed members that can take and sell any property parish wide. Expropriation ( taking property) without representation by their self-serving appointed commission.

The 10 minute movie is available for viewing on our blog at this post:

realreservoirnews - louisiana eminent domain corruption

Also read the Transcript of Mary Ettle's comments to the Parish Council posted below the Movie.

Taylor is very upset, Mad, and screaming at the Residents.
Some of Toye Taylor's [the Reckless Politician] comments:

"I agree, you shouldn't turn expropriation powers over to anyone who is not elected".
"Am I running for Re-election, who knows."
"I'm going to do some things I probably wouldn't do."
"You got a reckless politician right now is what you got."
"We're thieves". "Turn us in to the ethics board."

Sen. Ben Nevers and Toye Taylor are already planning on introducing another Eminent Domain Abuse Land-Grab Bill this upcoming Legislative session.

This movie shows the attitude of Elected officials interested in personal gain, and supporting Eminent Domain Abuse with a complete disregard for property rights.
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Abuse of Eminent Domain in Washington Parish?

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