22 February 2007

senator david vitter on jambalya

traitor to the constitution and bill of rights, rhodes scholar communist and bush crime family boot licker: louisiana's senator david vitter appeared on the kalb-tv jambalya program this morning (see link) to take slow balls and carefully crafted leading questions from republican cheerleader al quartermont. senator vitter was in town to discuss how best to rebuild the new orleans area health care system. it makes sense that senator vitter is so involved in louisiana health care when you consider that cecil rhodes founder of the rhodes scholarships and hence senator vitter was and are adepts of eugenics. senator vitter says that "unfortunately the results of the old charity system were the worst health care icons in the country." this is total bullshit.

senator vitter explains that we need to "get past all the finger pointing and just get the job done for the entire state." the whole of louisiana health care will be integrated into this new system that he calls "key economic development infrastructure priorities of this area central louisiana as well as north of here." senator vitter further states that "this rebuilding process and the money thats coming into the entire state is a huge opportunity to do things different and to do things better and so i am very engaged in that debate to make sure that we do things different and better whether its health care or anything else."

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now you know why the criminal network is chomping at the bits to elect senator vitter's fellow traitor to the constitution and bill of rights and rhodes scholar communist piyush "bobby" jindal to louisiana's governorship. with this gruesome twosome running louisiana we can only imagine the malthusian hell our health care system will descend into. remember you are only a "human weed" to these people.


What Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner had in mind was the formation of a master/slave society based upon the principles of eugenics as derived from Plato's Republic. Malthusian Eugenics is the philosophy of depopulation through the reduction of inferior races --"human weeds"-- and the selective breeding of "a race of thoroughbreds" as described early in this century by Rockefeller-funded, Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger. When Thomas Malthus' theory of population was later coupled with Charles Darwin's evolutionary model, the result was known as Social Darwinism.
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when you stop and think about it this is exactly what has happened at new orleans post katrina.
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