13 February 2007

ladb finally files charges against ogden middleton



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middleton victims website: www.ogdenmiddletonvictims.net

gold weems bruser sues and rundell attorney j. ogden middleton II charged with 19 counts of misconduct.

note: mr. middleton is no longer an attorney with gold weems. however, many charges stem from when he was an attorney with the gold weems firm. "respondent [mr. middleton] [...] departing from the gold firm in or around march 2003." page 41.

many local attorneys names mentioned in complaint... including: wilbert saucier, middleton associate david hesser, current pineville city court judge jesse "pete" terrell, jr., william ford, michael h. davis, former ninth judicial court judge richard e. "dick" lee, lloyd e. hennigan, jr., gary sheffield, gold firm associate g. lee henman, ralph w. kennedy, tom searcy, rapides district attorney james "jam" downs, former pineville city court judge henry lemoine, gold firm partner ed rundell and gold firm associate j. kendall rathburn, ricky sooter, h. brenner sadler, charles culotta, gold firm partner charlie weems, ninth judicial court judges harry randow and george metoyer.

well, there ya have it folks. out of all those names up there at least three are sitting judges. two are former judges. the sitting district attorney of rapides parish and an assistant district attorney names are there. these are the people that call themselves "officers of the court." these are the people that are "obligated to promote justice and the effective operation of the judicial system." yet you wont see any of their names listed as complainants. each of them knew what was um allegedly going on yet none of them did anything about it. they all looked the other way. why do you suppose that is? is it because the courthouse crowd all works together? is it because the courthouse crowd are all in it together? it sure looks like it. one example: we have judge randow there
who in a hearing in the gold v granger lawsuit in may 2005 when mention was made of complaints against mr. middleton and gold weems, the judge tried to cover the whole thing up by then closing the courtroom to the public and issuing an order barring local media from reporting about the complaints. judge randow even went so far as to order a local newspaper the alexandria daily town talk from discussing his ruling with their own attorneys! see judge f.a. little retires.

so, we thank the louisiana attorney disciplinary board for finally showing the citizens of rapides parish what we've suspected all along -- that the law here is an ass and a whore. we thank the louisiana attorney disciplinary board for showing that to paraphrase eustace mullins the rule of law is nothing more than the rule of the bandits who have control of the law. this is why its very important that we elect a district attorney that will go after and prosecute the white collar criminals and not be mixed-up in the middle with them. this is why its very important we elect a sheriff that isnt a part of the corruption and preferably a sheriff that isnt even connected to law enforcement.

more later...
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