16 April 2008

chris rose writes about ashley morris

via the mosquito coast
Tribute to Ashley Morris the blogger next door

One day last year, while wandering around a blog called the Library Chronicles, I came across this phrase:

“Chris Rose is a douchebag.”

I was intrigued. I mean, how could I not be?

So I began cruising the suggested Internet links at the Library Chronicles, which led to other blogs and they led to other blogs, and pretty soon I had left the Drudge Report and Perez Hilton behind forever, now drawn into the worlds of Humid City, Right Hand Thief, Prytania Waterline, Gentilly Girl, Ray in New Orleans, Adrastos, Cajun Boy in the City and many, many more, a massive community of underground writers, cranks and misanthropes who are keeping it real around here.

And that’s how I met — or I should more accurately say, encountered — Ashley Morris.
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chris rose is a columnist with the new orleans times-picayune.