16 April 2008

some meeting

in the monday 14 april 2008 gannett/alexandria daily town talk we noticed an item, you might have seen it too, "tif legislation meeting set for today" [screen grab] the article said that the meeting was set for noon in the city council chambers.

so at around five minutes to twelve we dutifully tuned our television in to the city of alexandria, la. government access channel four. a rerun of the previous days finance committee meeting was in progress on channel four and that wasnt a good sign. nevertheless, we sat and hoped that the doofus's operating channel four (who should all be fired and be replaced by those ex-cons councilman marshall was on about), would remember to break away from the recording and live broadcast what was supposed to be the tax increment financing meeting. so we sat...and waited until finally around 12:08 pm they broke away from the finance committee rerun and joined some meeting...naturally...already in progress.

the channel four people totally missed the call to order and the roll-call so we dont have a clue what board or committee this is or even who these people are. it doesnt seem like they were discussing the tif legislation and there was some man from chicago (presumably another consultant) and another man there talking about something or other.

anyway, the video is below.

Online Videos by Veoh.com
lately, google video has been acting even more buggy than usual -- so we found another video hosting site, www.veoh.com that hosts large video files. we dont know why the video appears to be so narrow.