21 April 2008

don cazayoux is nutty nancy pelosi's new boy-toy

nutty nancy pelosi is a total failure as speaker of the united states house of representatives. speaker pelosi refuses to lift her finger to do one thing to stop the illegal and immoral iraq war- which the government is forced to borrow money from china to finance. speaker pelosi refuses to allow impeachment proceedings to be started in the house against george w. bush et. al. for all his crimes against the constitution, the american people and war crimes waged against humanity. now heres a guy don cazayoux who used to be a prosecutor putting criminals in jail for far less crimes, he cant get to washington d.c. fast enough to smooch nancy pelosi, steny hoyer, rahm emanuel and the rest of these criminals butt -- all for filthy lucre. what a shame.
Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer (Shabbos Goy-Md.) AIPAC's favorite poodles and the KING OF CONGRESS, our fellow Jew, Rahm Emmanuel in the middle. ~ Danny Steinberg

the fact that don cazayoux is being feted around washington d.c. by such high-level zionists should be enough to tell you that he has already been vetted and zionist approved. in other words a congressman cayazoux is guaranteed to be just another zionist puppet.

which explains the stupid answer cazayoux gave to the daily kingfish blog about iran:
7. Do you believe that we need to invade Iran, like some Republicans are proposing? (Hat tip to andydupre at Daily Kingfish)

The current Iranian regime represents an extremist political ideology and is unpopular even in Iran. I believe that we must continue to put pressure on the current regime and simultaneously embolden Iranian moderates to bring about reform. At this moment, I am deeply concerned with their sponsorship of terrorist activities and while I believe that the military option should be the last option, I believe it's unwise to take any option off the table.

I also believe that we must refocus our resources on combating al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. ~ read the entire interview here
so dont be a sucker! democrats and republicans are both despicable. woody jenkins is the same thing, the only difference is that he has an R beside his name. if you live in the 6th congressional district vote for a third party candidate like randall t. hayes with the constitution party. there are also a few other independents running to choose from.