28 April 2008

mayor roy/city of alexandria getting set to advance the prescott road to cabrini hospital scam

the gannett/town talk's karina donica reports in her 'city notebook' column today (see link)

[alexandria, la. mayor] roy made the brief comment tuesday during a legal committee meeting when he was talking about a request for a new walking trail in the city. "if we move toward any kind of revocation of part of prescott road ... there is also talk of some green space trade off that could occur there that is in mr. (everett) hobbs district."
As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.
king solomon
back on 11 december 2007 mayor roy and his chief of staff kay michiels were caught lying about a 'study' they (mis)represented to the alexandria city council and to the citizenry on 20 november 2007. the mayor and ms. michiels insinuated that this was a legitimate study which purported to show that some 80% of the traffic on and around prescott road was already directly related to st. francis cabrini hospital. only one small problem - the gannett/town talk did a public records request for the "study" and the city was forced to admit that the data for the study had been provided by...st. francis cabrini hospital.

now most normal people would have been so embarrassed and ashamed at being caught out in a scam - read lie that, that would have been the end of the prescott road scam right? as chris rock would say: hold on not so fast...we are talking louisiana politicians here and they have no sense of shame, honor or integrity, because we see all they do is wait a couple of months until most people have forgotten their past hi-jinks and try it all over again.

with the alexandria mayor's determination to give away a city street to the detriment of elderly people who live and use the street not to mention all the other alexandrians who use it -- to a for profit corporation and now with the news of his commie s.p.a.r.c. plan which is just another vehicle to transfer taxpayers dollars to certain select businessmen, surveyors, engineers, architects, attorneys and consultants - you know the usual suspects -- leaves one wondering just who's mayor is he? is mayor roy working for the best interests of the people he was elected to serve or for the best interests of the local bluebloods and corporations? we think you know the answer.