24 April 2008

judicial incest scam at the third circuit court of appeals

UPDATE: gold law firm puppet judge harry randow to run for third circuit court of appeals justice

central la politics has posted (see link) that third circuit court of appeals justice, glenn b. gremillion, is to retire from the bench so that his son shannon gremillion (scroll down) can run. its interesting that his news would come out around the same time that the institute for judicial reform released its report showing louisiana as 49th in "business perceptions of legal climates among the 50 states."

institute for legal reform - louisiana
The survey addressed 12 categories of legal issues among the states' systems. Louisiana ranked in the bottom three states in all 12 categories and ranked last in four areas: the way the courts treat scientific and technical evidence; timeliness of summary judgments or dismissals; discovery; and judges' competence. ~ source

no one has to tell your average louisianaian twice that our judicial system is lousy and this patrician attitude that a seat on the court of appeals is the family business or a family entitlement sure doesnt help.