20 April 2008

the tulane legislative scholarship scam

UPDATE: more bad press for the tulane legislative scholarship scam

Act 43 of 1884 -- A constitutional amendment, approved and ratified by the people on April 22, 1884, and proclaimed by the Governor on May 10, 1884 to become a part of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana. Act 43 recognized the establishment of the Tulane University of Louisiana.

Instead of paying taxes to the state, Tulane is obligated (by Act 43) to place scholarship waivers into the hands of state legislators and the Mayor of Orleans, who then select the awardees. The law's original purpose was to make a college education available to qualified citizens who could not afford the cost. However, revelations made possible by lawsuits to divulge the names of scholarship recipients showed that many judges and legislators and their relatives have been the beneficiaries of Tulane scholarship gifts. ~ source Dr. Carl Bernofsky tulanelink.com

click here to download eight page .rtf file (168k) or here for eight page .pdf (59kb)
as you might imagine the above document is extremely difficult to acquire. what started out back in 1884 as probably a good intention by the state legislator and governor -- exempting tulane from state taxes and in exchange giving state legislators one tulane scholarship per year ostensibly for "poor but worthy students" rapidly became a massive patronage scam that exists to this day. it just wouldnt be louisiana if anything was done ethically or morally now would it?

interestingly, piyush "mr ethics bobby" jindal never even addressed the tulane legislative scholarship scam in his much touted special session on some ethics reform.

Tulane School of Medicine
The cost of attendance per class for 2007-08 was:
1st year $66,160
2nd year $66,160
3rd year $69,290
4th year $66,568
2008-2009 Academic Year Cost of Attendance Per Class $68,642
source Tulane Office of Financial Aid - Frequently Asked Questions

so we took a look at some central louisiana legislator's and their tulane scholarship awardees:

rep. chris roy, jr. district 25 awardee: lanie renee sansing
miss sansing, we're told, is the daughter of sam sansing who was represented by rep. roy's brother the current alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy in a lawsuit filed by cleco corp. in that suit, cleco alleges that mr. sansing and a mr. david pugh, broke confidentiality agreements with cleco while they were employed by cleco. see new judge wastes no time joining the old boy network | jacques roy video blogged!

a check of rep. roy's campaign contributors that he filed to the louisiana state ethics board, shows that mr. sansing is a contributor:

but not to worry, non politically connected students in rep. roy's district can look forward to being awarded some free ice cream as their consolation prize.
rep. herbert dixon district 26 awardee: neil patel
we have to wonder if master patel is related to the patel's who own the downtown alexandria, la, alexander fulton hotel and who happen to be the same patel's that rep. dixon's hb1094 the controversial tax increment financing (TIF) district will help out? see billy gunn's piece 'b.r. company revives plan to purchase hotel bentley' [.txt]
rep. billy chandler district 22 awardee: anna barham
on this one, we wonder if miss barham is related to former state senator and current sec'y of the department of wildlife and fisheries robert barham?
rep. lowell "chris" hazel district 27 awardee: lacie lynn mayeaux
senator joe mcpherson district 29 awardee: none (as of 03 april 2008)
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