17 April 2008

gov piyush "bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth still giving big money to piyush scammery

so, we were over on the reduct box website and they sent us to a baton rouge morning advocate story by michelle millhollon "‘Believe in La.’ raises $741,000, spends most." its a story about the fundraising efforts of believe in la. believe in la is a propaganda organ set up by piyush "bobby" jindal's campaign manager rolfe mccollister to trick brainwash convince louisianaians to go along with piyush scammery.

as we were scanning down the list of contributors reported by ms. millhollon one immediately caught our eye: FVE Investments of Alexandria, $25,000. one thing that came to mind is that FVE is the initials for the old faircloth, vilar & elliot law firm. we remembered that their website address was and still is www.fvelaw.com

this gave us a strong suspicion that we smelled a rat. so the first thing we did was google FVE Investments of Alexandria which brought us to this page on ksyl.com where rod noles mentioned them:

FVE Investment Co., LLC (P O Box 12730, Alex., LA 71315) to Thomas E Cupples, II & Ana M Cupples (3108 Carol St., Alex., LA 71301) - Lot 7, Sq 33, West Alex. Addn., et al, $200,000.00. Kent Allen listing agent Will Polk selling agent
this gave us their real legal name which we took to the louisiana sec'y of state website, corporations database quick search...

...sure enough...
now you might remember that when mr. faircloth accepted his position as piyush's a-no.1 poot snifffer, officially called executive counsel, he had to get out of his law practice but apparently its ok to for him to remain in business with his former law partner, perhaps for as long as they keep the financial gravy train coming in for all things piyush.