10 April 2008

baggy pants nutter derrick shepherd to be indicted

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the dead pelican links to a times picayune story in which we learn "A federal grand jury is expected to indict State Sen. Derrick Shepherd this morning after months investigating allegations that the Marrero Democrat laundered $141,000 for an unlicensed bond broker."

senator shepherd is the same nut, who as a state representative, stood on the house floor in 2004 and actually said that if his then bill banning baggy pants wasnt passed, it would mean that the house pages would be coming to work with their asses hanging out. now you know, that should have been the tip-off to everyone, that this guy doesnt possess the proper brain power required to be successful in organized crime.

not to be out done, now senator shepherd, this year introduced his senate bill 223 which "creates the crime of unlawfully wearing clothing which exposes undergarments or body parts." this bill hasnt been discussed yet but if you watch the above video from 2004 you cant help but notice how then representative shepherd invokes the name of the lord in trying to unsuccessfully convince his fellow representatives to pass his legislation. this is interesting and telling as representative shepherd must have missed the part where the lord god wrote with his finger about not stealing.