05 April 2008

louisiana 1st and 6th congressional dems and rethugs run off returns

UPDATE: steve scalise will face gilda reed to replace piyush "bobby" jindal in district 1.

don cazayoux looks to be in excellent position to defeat pat robertson clone woody jenkins in richard hugh baker's old seat. the constitution party candidate is randall t. hayes - please consider voting for third party candidates when available since the democratic and the republican party are both despicable and no matter which party, democratic or republican, you vote for, they will continue to ruin this country.

UPDATE: 10:04 pm steve scalise has won the republican runoff and will be his party's candidate for the 1st congressional district election.
505 of 505 precincts reporting
13,956 |41.92% "Tim" Burns
19,334 |58.08% "Steve" Scalise