18 April 2008

New Orleans' United States Attorney Jim Letten Cannot Be Trusted

By: Barbara Ann Jackson

The log in my own eye disqualifies me from judging anyone! However, I am not in a position of public trust with opportunities to carry out dangerously questionable behavior. As such, it bothers me that the fact of manifest questionable behavior of someone so highly heralded is being ignored while at the same time anyone could become the next prey. I do not believe anyone in position of public trust should be allowed to cloak his sneaky propensities. Hence, I am convinced that New Orleans' United States Attorney Jim Letten is dangerous and cannot be trusted. Also, I think Letten has a lot of nerve to proclaim he's cracking down on crime, while he in facts ignores crimes committed by certain political cronies.

As examples, I submit that Letten's actions regarding the New Orleans Canal Street Brothel and United States Senator David Vitter, Letten's selective prosecution regarding federal Judge Thomas Porteous, and Letten's covering for other wrong-doing New Orleans federal judges is alarming and cause for stringent observation!

Remarkably, Letten's manifestly questionable activities do not become reported in New Orleans newspapers. Yet, so that people can make better informed decisions about Letten, it is past time to put the facts on the table about him. Moreover, from what I know about Letten, I feel certain that -like his mentor, former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Letten's less than scrupulous (including likely illegal wire taps and then misled that the Intelligence was derived from snitches), less than lawful methods have been used to procure some of the selectively prosecuted persons for which he becomes praised. I am convinced he is the Rooster guarding the hen house.

**For a more accurate picture as to what type of person Jim Letten is, his abuse of position to accomplish crooked, unlawful "secret deals" in COURT CASES, read the example in Texas Opinion posted at:

**PROOF of Letten's involvement in appalling New Orleans Judicial Corruption posted at www.lawgrace.org.

-from Barbara Ann Jackson
Law & Grace, Inc.