09 April 2008

frick and frack and amanda gutweiler hypes

this was a pretty decent report by kalb's mike magnoli...until the end when he states "and to this date the question remains, who authorized the demolition of the burnt house? how could so much potential forensic evidence be destroyed?" apparently, this morning mr. magnoli had read the 7:17 am post by a town talk story chat commenter, savy1 who observed:

Can anyone shed some light as to why the burned out home was bulldozed the next day?

Why didn't law enforcement secure the scene?

Who drove the bulldozer?

Who gave the OK to destroy the house?

Someone dropped the ball on this one...big time!
the thing is, is that mr. magnoli had both of the assistant district attorney's involved in this disaster on camera, so why didnt he simply ask them these questions? or while he was in the court house pull the case file and find out for himself? mr. magnoli -- be a reporter not a repeater.