07 April 2008

senator david vitter on the run!

this morning, republican louisiana senator david vitter was in such a hurry to flee reporters questions about his role in the d.c. madam trial, which began today, that his driver crashed into a no parking sign

wafb excerpt:

Senator Vitter was in Gonzales Monday morning for town hall meeting that's been scheduled for months to discuss issues like health care, the economy, and crime. The meeting started at 10:00 at City Hall, with standing room only. After Monday's town hall meeting, Vitter made a brief statement to WWL-TV of New Orleans. "I do want to reiterate how sorry I am for causing real pain to the folks I love so dearly, starting with my family and certainly including the people of Louisiana," Vitter told the television station. He did not answer follow-up questions.

Vitter then quickly left. As his driver was leaving Gonzales City Hall, he accidentally backed into a "no parking" sign in the parking lot of City Hall. The sign was placed inside an orange traffic cone. There was visible damage to the left rear of the vehicle. Vitter was in the passenger seat. His driver pulled forward, and then left the scene. A WAFB 9NEWS photographer captured the accident on videotape. Vitter spokesman Joel Digrado did not respond to a request for comment. ~ source and video
on a side note the wafb reporter tyana williams:

was formally with alexandria'a kalb-tv; apparently, ms. williams left kalb in order to report real news for a change -- instead of the usual kalb fluff and spin.
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