01 April 2008

mike magnoli's report on ethics charges against pineville executive assistant rich dupree

kalb reporter mike magnoli does a fairly decent job in reporting the ethics charges the louisiana state board of ethics filed yesterday against city of pineville, la. executive assistant rich dupree.

however, one problem we have noticed in mr. magnoli's 6:00 pm "top story" segment and his 5:00 pm teaser was that he focused on the alexandria aces and louisiana college sports tickets that mr. dupree received.

whats totally missing from mr. magnoli's report is any mention of charge III

That Rich Dupree, at a time when he served as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Pineville, may have violated Section 1115 of the Code of Governmental Ethics [LSA-R.S. 42:1115] by receiving complimentary admission to the Louisiana College Centennial Celebration Luncheon from Louisiana College at a time when Louisiana College had a business and/or contractual relationship with the City of Pineville.
this is referring to the infamous 26 october 2006 event which was attended by george h.w. bush [video] to which according to the event brochure a single ticket cost $750.00, couples tickets were $1,250 and a table of ten went for $5,000. [click here to download the two page event brochure .pdf.] everyone who was dumb enough to attend this event and pay homage to one of the most evil persons and the patriarch of one of the most despicable crime families america and the world has ever had to suffer under, all under the guise of promoting christianity and a christian education, deserves whatever they get.