14 April 2008

city of pineville water supply violated the maximum contamination level of coliform bacteria

a wst... reader sent us the following letter they received on 11 april 2008. it seems that during the reporting period of 01 january - 31 january 2008 the city of pineville, la. "violated the maximum contamination level of coliform bacteria" in its water system contrary to federal law and the louisiana state sanitary code.

the university of georgia says that "coliform are a group of several types of bacteria from the same family which typically live and reproduce in the intestines of animals. coliform bacteria can also be found in soil, surface water, and plants--anywhere animal feces may be present."

click here or link to download two page .pdf
click here to download 347 page state sanitary code
part XII of the louisiana state sanitary code begins from page 139
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