15 April 2008

will democratic superdelegate katrina mary landrieu snellings vote for obama?

the national rethuglican senatorial committee asks a very interesting question. according to them, louisiana's own katrina mary scamdrieu err landrieu snellings will be a "superdelegate." to this summers democratic party national convention.

so, accordingly, it didnt take long for the disingenuous geniuses over at nrsc to attempt to tie her to senator barack obama's so called "bitter" comments.

of coz, the losers at the nrsc cant point out anything substantive that katrina mary has done such as her treasonous votes for unconstitutional, anti-christ legislation like her vote to reauthorize the usa patriot act or her vote for the real id act [666] or the military commissions act [legalized torture and voided
habeas corpus] or the john warner national defense authorizaton act for fiscal year 2007 [voided posse comitatus] or her vote for the iraq war [use of force] resolution - the illegal and immoral iraq war which katrina mary still unwaveringly supports and which has, in more ways than one, bankrupted this nation.

neither can the nrsc point out katrina mary's vote to give illegal aliens scamnesty and social security benefits -- because that bill as well as the ones above are all REPUBLICAN sponsored and backed garbage!

so it doesnt make any sense why the rethugs would want to unseat her, when after all, katrina mary landrieu snellings been one of their greatest useful idiots assets.

all things considered, dont be a sucker and choose to not vote for katrina mary landrieu snellings because she votes for barack obama or hillary clinton or whomever -- choose to vote against katrina mary landrieu snellings and turn her out because she is a traitorous rat who has sold the constitution and you and your kids out, just like she sells her influence out to the highest bidder just like the cheap whore that she is.

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