15 April 2006

forgotston telling it like it is again

Our politicians constantly rail about the “perception” that LA is corrupt. It’s not the “perception/image” of corruption that is hurting our state, it is the corruption that is hurting our state. - c b forgotston
thanks mr forgotston for keeping it out there in our face. anyone that loves louisiana and louisiana politics owes it to themselves to visit www.forgotston.com often.

while you're there be sure and check out this post from 10 april. in it forgotston documents how the chairman of the house ways and means committee - bryant hammett, D-ferriday, despite being prohibited by the louisiana constitution at LA Constitution Article III, Section 2, Paragraph (3)(b) from raising taxes in an even numbered year, rep hammett foolishly [illegally?] is plowing ahead and doing it anyway by disguising it as "fee's" instead of taxes. forgotston shows how hammett took out an advertisement in the tensas gazette newspaper using tax payer money apparantly to rub our noses in it as he admits (beneath a smiling picture of himself too aint that fresh?)
forgotston snip:
“Tax increases on certain items have been proposed.” He goes on to ask which Taxes his constituents would support. Hammett also asks his constituents opinion on the proposed $1,500 teacher pay raise as well as whether the lege “slush funds” should be funded.
you see how brazen and callous these thugs that call themselves "representatives" are. they have no shame. the truth is not in them. forgotston closes by urging everyone in his home parish to respond to rep hammett's questionaire and let him know that they want "lower taxes which unlike tax increases are allowed this session." we would go even one further and urge everyone in this state to let rep hammett and his fellow rascals and thugs in our state government know at the ballot box. send them all home. how long will we sit idly by and let these outlaws ruin our state and country?
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