04 April 2006

patriot act abuse misuse

added 2:34 pm cdt saturday 03 june 2006 we just checked the link to where this story used to be on drudge. now its been replaced by a story captioned "Witness claims Saddam 'victims' alive, case built on bribes"Tue May 30 2006 08:46:10 ET" we dont know if drudge recycles pages on his site or not but we thought we would make a note of this incase you click the link and wonder if we messed up because we didnt - this is what was on that page url at the date and time we originally posted.

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and so its already begun. more later...

Patriot Act Catches a Baby-Food Thief
Tue Apr 04 2006 10:03:08 ET

The case of Samih Jammal, convicted with the help of the Patriot Act and FISA wiretaps of fencing stolen baby formula, sits on the fine line between the government's terrorism-fighting role and its duty to protect citizen's rights.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports the use of FISA warrants helped prosecuted Arizona grocery wholesaler Jammal, who was convicted of operating a baby formula theft ring.

The JOURNAL notes that Jammal, a "U.S. citizen born in Lebanon, was never charged with any offense related to terrorism."

Jammal "is appealing, contending that FISA evidence used against him was illegally obtained and crippled his defense. ... 'It's baby formula of mass destruction here,' he said at one pretrial hearing."