05 April 2006

oopsie federal prisoner escapes from pollock prison

**update 25 october 2007** richard lee mcnair captured


"...authorities are looking for a murderer who escaped from the pollock prison. forty-seven year old richard lee mcnair of north dakota was last seen near the ball cut-off road in the tioga area. he is a white man with blue eyes and brown hair salt and pepper goatee six feet tall and 210 pounds. he is considered very dangerous so do not approach him. authorities ask area residents to lock their doors and windows and call 911 to report any suspicious activity..."
so goes kalb tv's endless crawl at the bottom of the tv screen. prisons are nice industries to have around so they say until a prisoner escapes that is - then the media gets to scare the hell out of everyone until they are caught.

check out the fat cop rushing to his car. lmao! we feel safer already.

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