27 April 2006

mayhaws ripe in central louisiana

UPDATE: mayhaws for sale in central louisiana 2011

mayhaw jelly is quite simply the best jelly in the world. growing up it was extremely hard to come by. receiving a jar of homemade mayhaw jelly from friends or family was (still is) one of the best gifts you could ever receive. kept refrigerated and eaten only occasionally in order to save it for as long as possible it serves well to cement friendships because you cant help but think about the person who gave it to you as its savored. thats why we are so glad that mr elmer langston has been so successful with his mayhaw orchard and mayhaw processing company located near pollock, grant parish, louisiana. there is a story in today's town talk captioned: "Mayhaw production continues to ripen in Cenla" heres a snip:

Langston, who began his farm in 1988, has helped build the industry in Central Louisiana and boasts the largest mayhaw production farm in existence. Culled from about 2,000 hawthorn trees, the farm is nestled in the rolling hills of Grant Parish, a little northwest of Pollock.

The Louisiana Mayhaw Association also sponsors an annual mayhaw cooking contest, in which locals are encouraged to submit their recipes to help find new and innovative uses for mayhaws.

This year's contest, which was held on March 18 in Woodworth, featured a wide range of recipes, said Lou Altazan-Brown, an extension agent with the AgCenter.

"There were cakes, a glaze for a smoked salmon, and someone had a new wine," Altazan-Brown said.
according to the article langston is inviting people to come out to his orchard and pick their own mayhaws from 8am till 4pm monday - friday. what you arent there yet? click here to view the town talk's photo gallery of langston's mayhaw orchard and his processing facility. click the link to read the story.
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