22 April 2006

mayor of orleans election returns

added 11:05 am cdt sunday 22 april 2006: boy were we wrong. we predicted that neither mayor nagin or lt gov landrieu would make it to the runoff. lol@us. now we have nothing against mayor nagin he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. a victim of circumstance. consider the military. if the captain of a ship no matter how great of a captain he may be if something catastrophic happens to that ship and/or its company he is relieved of his command. simple as that.

we are shocked that 31,499 (29%) of you were dumb enough to actually vote for mitch landrieu. you know mitch landrieu scion son of the the same crowd who left your black and white asses stranded at the superdome and convention center? the same crowd who appointed and perpetuated the corrupt orleans levee boards. you remember the levee boards right? they were more interested in having a party than in actually inspecting and maintaining the levees? you remember the levees right? those large lumps of dirt that failed and allowed the water to flood new orleans?

that loud sound that you hear this morning is the collective sigh of millions of americans from hawaii to alaska to maine who upon awakening opened their morning paper only to discover that hurricane katrina taught orleanians nothing - you still havent learned your lesson. and yes its true the city is yours to vote in whomever you please, however, when you are going before the rest of the country with your hat in your hands looking for a handout you have the responsibility, no the duty to meet potential benefactors at least halfway. if you think that the people of this country were sick of hearing about new orleans and its plight before then as is said in the navy "stand by for heavy rolls."


click here to listen to ray nagin's speech 10:32 pm cdt saturday 22 april 2006

click here to listen to ron forman's speech 10:14 pm cdt saturday 22 april 2006

click here to listen to mitch landrieu's speech 10:00 pm cdt saturday 22 april 2006
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hey, hey, hey today's the day. we will update this as quickly as we can. polls close at 8pm cdt. in the meantime you may click here and view this page from the secretary of state's website.
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