14 April 2006

a movie about someone from Louisiana

premiering on sunday april 23rd 2006 a cbs telefilm "In From the Night" based on a memoir by shreveport, louisiana native dr. marsha recknagel - her name in the film is "vicki miller". shes played by marcia gay hardin.

it so happens that lamar white was a student of dr. recknagel's as she was finishing her memoir that this movie is based on "if nights could talk" cenlamar writes

"Five years ago, I enrolled in a personal essay class at Rice University..the memoir recounts recknagel's strained relationship with her family and the experience of adopting her sixteen year old nephew..."
her nephew jamie named "bobby" in the film and played by taylor handley wound up on her doorstep at houston.

you can read more about the movie, dr recknagel and lamar on his blog. maybe andrew west will happen by and give us a review.

In from the Night Internet Movie Database

If Nights Could Talk c.2001 marsha recknagel/thomas dunne books/st martin's press isbn 0-312-26809-2