30 April 2006

The Wollemi Pine

we've been following this saga for a few years now. we dont even remember how it was that we first learned about this tree probably through a news story or the like.

anyway the wollemi pine tree is a native of australia and thought to be extinct for millions of years. then one day back in 1994 a guy named david noble who is a nsw national parks and wildlife services officer was out "bush walking" near sydney and came across a small stand of unusual trees. he took a branch back to be analyzed and thats how they were rediscovered. the australian government immediately moved to protect the stand - its location is a secret and began a program to propagate them.

so we have been waiting the past few years for them to become available to the general public and we noticed that from 01 april they are available to australians and will be soon be available to interested parties in the usa, uk and elsewhere.

we have always been interested in having new and unique things around here and thanks to the green thumb we inherited from our irish grandmother we believe that since we have slash and ponderosa pine trees here that wollemi pine trees would do well here also.