19 April 2006

a funny thing happened on the way to emailing the governor...

we went on the governor's website a few minutes ago with the intention of contacting her to express our disappointment and outrage at mike thompson being appointed chairman of the commerce and industry board per our post here. this is what happened instead:

as you can see from this screen grab off the governor's website they have a contact page. on the contact page there is a link that says "E-mail the Governor"

click any picture to enlarge

when we clicked "E-mail the Governor" this is what we saw:

now if you notice up in our browsers address bar it says www.managekeelson.com so we began to wonder who is managekeelson.com and why are they "managing" the governors website when there already is a state agency the Office of Telecommunications Management that according to their website among other things are: "To establish and coordinate all telecommunications systems and telecommunications services affecting the management and operations of the executive branch of state government;" this is by Act 1098 of the 1997 Regular Session (LA R.S. 39:140 141 142 143)

so we did a whois lookup of managekeelson.com:

looks like managekeelson.com is actually Eatel. this is not to slam eatel we are sure they are a great company, however, what is eatel doing managing the governor's website especially her constituent emails when there is already a state agency in place to do this? in other words why are our private emails to the governor being routed through a private company instead of being routed and managed by the state itself?